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Under the title of honesty, truth, and trust, the project seed has planted. The beginning was with a humble store of foodstuff distribution, after that the trade trip of East Groupe begun.

Hence, its commercial activity inflated ,which was crowned with success , ambition, perseverance, and passion, in the spirit of their owners, the company was driven towards development and expansion, the work begin to slightly shifted into production and packaging of some products, products types become in tens, markets started to be larges, and the need for an expansion become a must. The result is an ideal economic institution at all level.

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Local & world-wide

Our company will take care of all the export issues that a company wants to export can face, through an excellence business channels: dealers, representatives, packaging, production, and shipping. Also we sourced for better quality that means (right products from exact region), which meet the requirements and specifications of our customers.

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We are providing different products to wide areas of the world


We are proud to protect your organization with our award-winning products

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Our factories have been established under the control and supervision of well expertise and qualified engineers from Europe. Moreover, our production lines are all made of stainless steel, and European origin, which strictly follow quality assurance supervision methodology for foodstuff well-being and excellence, as the recommendation of international food safety organizations.

Superior Quality

We sourced qualitative Raw materials from the exact region (through the reference of sourcing and shipping), however is ingeniously procured from all over the world, to ensure our products meet superior quality standards.


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