East Groupe Impex

East Groupe Impex: which is positioned now in the prime industrial area in Anfeh North Lebanon covering 10000 square meter, with 150 employees, managers, engineers, salesmen and professional production lines manager.
The company Buildings are divided into offices, factories, and warehouses. It’s is a top-notch quality wide awake industrial entity & preferred Production of more than 30 products : (Halawa”Halva”, sesame paste “Tahini”), Canned food(Fava beans, boiled chickpeas, recipes, green peas, broad beans, vegetables dips…..), liquids ( Rose water, orange blossom water, vinegar…. ), molasses, tomato paste, jams, and many more which they manufactured in Lebanon. Have been in the Food industry for nearly Three decades, and the manufactured units of our items are built on the norms of Good Manufacturing Practices.

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